Customer Service Disorder

Posted: December 17, 2009 in Business, Life, Personal

I realized at about 3:45am this morning that I in fact have a Customer Service Disorder. While in my opinion this is a good thing as I view customer service as a top priority at all times and do whatever it takes to make sure I provide top notch service. The reason I say that I have customer service disorder or CSD; is simply because I can not ignore an email no matter what time.

It all started at 3:45am this morning when I received an email from a client asking about where their press release could be found as they were not seeing it. It was a very easy fix and one that could have waited until the morning and business hours, but not in my head. I sat lying in bed thinking about this email and being concerned that my client was waiting for a response back immediately. While I know they were not as they are typically out of the country it still drove me crazy. I really tried to fall back asleep and take care of the “issue” in the morning, but just could not. So at 4am I jumped out of bed, raced downstairs like it was Christmas morning and fired up the laptop. Did a quick search for my client, sent an email highlighting hundreds of locations of his release and put the issue to rest, but not myself.

Again, CSD is a good thing as long as the anxiety of the whole issue does not start to drive you crazy!

Anyway, problem averted and the good news is I am awake and working and you know what they say; The early bird gets the worm!!!

I would love to hear other stories of CSD and the odd and crazy things you all have done to make sure your clients needs are met.


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