Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

What do you think is one of the easiest things for you to control? Well if you answered Consistency then you my friend would be correct.

It seems like such a simple thing, but yet so many companies, organizations, managers, salespeople, etc… do not seem to understand it. Companies, people, etc… are all pretty complex things so what do we look for to help ease the day, consistency.

See what has as the definition of Consistency:

Consistency comes to play in everything. For example; When we are setting up Social Media Plans for clients or our own company we should be talking about creating a consistent game plan. Now things will come up and obviously you will have to address them as they happen, move on the fly, but still stay consistent. What is the message we are sending and does it seem to change on a day to day or crisis to crisis situation? Remember that the world is that much smarter with so much information readily available to them that they will see the wrinkle in your inconsistent armor if you go that route. Saying you are this today and that tomorrow is probably a good way to make sure you are nothing in a year.

Another area where consistency may be more important is internally. When companies wonder how they can begin to build their legacy and company culture, consistency is a great place to start. Put it this way, if your employees know that what you say today will hold up in a two weeks, assuming nothing major has changed you will find you have very loyal people similar to external communications. Company culture is built from the inside out so begin building with a consistent style and game plan.

To be honest I think part of this random post is because we have a new puppy who I am learning that being consistent is very key. This is nothing new and has always been one the easiest ways IMHO to create loyalty internally and externally. If you want a loyal fan base or work force then create a very consistent message, game plan, sales processes, etc…and you will find that people will respond positively.


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