What’s That On Your Shoe Mr. Cole?

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Business, Life, Personal, Rants, Social Media

So by now you have all probably heard about what Kenneth Cole said via Twitter in regard to the current situation in Cairo. Just in case, here is a snap shot to remind you.

I would also recommend checking out Todd Defren’s post — “In Social Media, Everyone Can Hear You Fart”.

After reading Todd’s post I wanted to see exactly what people were saying and how much conversation has been sparked. Let’s just say there are some pretty interesting posts out there. I took a quick look across Blogs, Social Media, Forums, Traditional News, etc… using MAP by Sysomos a Marketwire company. Take a look below at the “Activity Summary” pulled from mentions of “Kenneth Cole” for the past 6 months. I left out “Cairo” for this search to show the spike that this one tweet caused simply based on the brand name.

See that spike on the right, that was the Stupid Tweet. Now, does this fall under any publicity is good publicity, I think not. However, if Kenneth Cole the man and the brand begin to take action immediately they will be able to lessen the blow to their image, but time is precious and costly so get moving!

I am pretty sure that his PR folks would rather have the spike be for some great plan they executed, unfortunately it was because of an extremely insensitive comment that brings nothing but negativity. I am sure his PR team is now checking their Crisis Communications plan to get a game plan together, but if not Nancy Myrland gave some great advice in her recent post about this situation – “Kenneth Cole & Every CEO: This Is Your Social Media Wake Up Call”.

Take a look at just how big of a jump in mentions one tweet can cause and think about your next tweet. The below chart shows the number of mentions of “Kenneth Cole” (#1 — 2/3 – 2/4) and “Kenneth Cole” (#2 — 2/1 – 2/2) across Blogs, News Sites, Forums and Twitter. Yes, it would be awesome to have that spike, but not at the cost of your brands reputation.

Share of voice between 2 days prior to Kenneth Cole twitter comment and since (10,593 vs. 663)

I am sure that Kenneth Cole would rather the conversation be about clothes, watches, cologne, etc…

Hopefully Kenneth Cole takes advantage of this situation and puts out a great message and solid plan to correct the public image of the brand. At this point in time you have a lot of attention, try to turn the situation around and explain the steps you will be taking to correct the issue publicly. We all mess up and everyone is aware of that, but own up to it and go beyond what you think or obviously thought with the first apology.

I would check out the Kenneth Cole Facebook page, under the discussions tab to find their apology. I did not include the screen shot as there is a good amount of colorful commentary on the page.

  1. Hi Colby…thanks for the mention of, and link to, my blog post to Kenneth Cole and all CEOs. This is an interesting learning experience for anyone who chooses to research it a bit. Take care.

    • colbcox says:

      Thank you Nancy and you wrote a great post as well, fantastic advice!! It was very interesting to see just how much conversation has been sparked. It will be interesting to see how they rebound. Yes, this is a fantastic example of a learning experience and hopefully people will learn and think next time. I have a note above my computer that says, Check Your Ego at the Door before you get on Twitter, Blog, FB, etc… just as a reminder.

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