Good Hustle Teach…

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Family, Life, Personal, Rants

Why would a teacher announce grades to the entire class along with why that grade was given?

I spent my fair share of time in school and not once do I remember a teacher telling the entire class my grade and why he/she gave that grade to me. Good thing because I am sure some of it (all of it) would have been rather interesting.

With that being said, I was amazed today when my son was explaining to my wife what other kids grades were. Some were because of poor comprehension, math, etc… The best part is that he did not know this because the other kids told him, nope. He knows this because his teacher told the entire class. Now my son got all A’s except for a B in math (Great Job Little Man!!!) and yup, his teacher told the class why he got a B in math.

Why on earth would this be an acceptable practice for a 2nd grade class, or any class? The point to me is that these are 8 year old kids who are vulnerable and need more reinforcing than breaking down. By saying “Billy got a D because he has poor comprehension skills and does not understand math” does nothing but destroy a young girl or boys self-esteem.

I will also be the first to say it is good to be hard on kids. The difference is that I will have a “hard” talk with my children one on one. Of course if you have kids you know the other wants to see what is happening as bad as that guy in front of you checking out the broken down car on the side of the road in rush our traffic (you know who you are). The reason we separate one from other if they are in trouble is quite honestly because it is none of the other ones business what is going on.

I see grades as the same thing, it is not Billy or Johnny or Jessica’s business, so why on earth would a teacher announce grades to the entire class along with why that grade was given?

I wonder what his teacher would think if his next evaluation was in front of all his peers?

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