Social Media Marketing IQ Test

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Business, Investor Relations, Marketing, Press Releases, SEO, Social Media

With all the hub bub these days surrounding social media/social media marketing. Is it a good idea to test your new hires knowledge of your social ecosystem and social media in general?

I would say yes, it is a great idea to test your new team members knowledge. When you bring on a new employee it is imperative that you do a formative assessment to fully understand where they are at in their social evolution. You must know where they are starting to fully understand what areas you need to help them grow. This growth should also reflect positively on the company and its social initiatives as they are expanding your presence online.

In regard to the test, I would not get to hung up on creating a formal test. You are not looking to scare people off by telling them to bring a number 2 pencil and a scantron on their first day. Look at this test as more of an interaction you will have with a new employee. Ideally, I think you create a series of 10 questions that you can interject during the course of a conversation/meeting.

Possible Questions:

In what ways do you see social media impacting our communication/business goals and objectives? What areas do you think we can improve?
What value would creating a Facebook page bring to our organization?
What tools do you see as up and coming that we could use to further our social presence?
Based on your knowledge of our company, rate what social channels would be most useful (Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Blog, LinkedIn Group, etc…)
What are the top blogs in our industry?

These are just a couple examples, however keep in mind that you will have to customize to your organization. When putting something like this together make sure to have a very open view of the potential benefits. By creating an open dialogue, you will not only learn more about your newest team member, but you also may get a little knowledge yourself.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to review your social media policy in depth with your new team member. At the end of the day it is your brand, your company, your reputation on the line (to a degree) so go ahead and make sure you are all on the same page. Obviously, we are all familiar with some of the recent “Twitter Meltdowns”, but if not check out the latest from a Marc Jacobs intern (Twitter meltdown: Marc Jacobs account goes rogue).

As you can see this is really not a true “test”, but more a conversation you will have with a new hire or even a potential new hire.

I would love to get feedback on what you all think about testing your new hires social media knowledge. Add more questions to this that you feel would be useful and I will update the post with the new info.


  1. Mike says:

    This is a great idea. Your brand is only as strong as the people who represent it. Generally, coming up with a strategy is the first step and the maintenance is typically handled well, but there is limited thought given to how changes in the organization (like new employees) will affect the development of the brand’s presence in the social space. Setting up a conversation to learn from new hire experiences and to educate these folks about how your brand practices is definitely a smart thing to do.

    Rather than asking broad questions about ideals, I might actually ask more directed questions that get at someone’s experiences:

    – How have you interacted with others on social networking sites?
    – What kind of success have you had from your presence on social networking sites?
    – Are you interested in pursuing additional opportunities using social media?
    – What can our brand do to help leverage your interests and strengths in social media?

    Of course, these may generate other questions and stimulate further conversation. The one caveat I’d throw up is that it needs to be done by someone who has an understanding of not only the “how” of a brand’s social media usage, but also the “why” – the strategy, the goals, the intent, etc. That way, the veteran can make sure the educate the new employee while figuring out how they can incorporate this new hire into the current setup.

    Great food for thought Colby!

    • colbcox says:

      Mike, thank you for the insightful comment and you have added some fantastic questions to the mix. You also bring up a great point in regard to having someone who is socially savvy have this conversation with the new hire.

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