I am first and foremost a father of 2 wonderful children and the husband to a beautiful wife who absolutely loves every moment I have with them. When it is not family time it is usually work or golf that draws my attention. I grew up in upstate New York (Rochester) and went to college at the University of Montana, Go Griz!!! I have experienced a lot in my time thus far and hope to give you some good insights.

I currently work in the PR/IR/MarComm world as a consultant focusing on Social Media, SM Monitoring, SEO, Press Release Distribution, and general Communications topics and trends.

This blog in no way represents any of the views of my company; it is simply a collection of my own personal thoughts, experiences, and observations.

I have found throughout my professional career that there is one constant; Customer Service. I mention this in Biographical Info only because it is something that has shaped the person/salesman I am today. Without good Customer Service in this day and age you have nothing, make it a point to provide better service that you expect for yourself or better yet for your family!!

Other than that I think we are covered, I know brief, but we can get to know each other as we start this journey.



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