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Creating value for your clients is easily the most important factor for any vendor (DUH!), but how do you create value and separate yourself from the pack? I am going to tell you some of things that I feel are important for all sales people/vendors to remember in your day to day activities. Remember, value is something that you have to bring all the time; you can not just wow them once then get comfortable.

Take a look at the Communications Industry where there are several Press Release Distribution Services (Marketwire, PRN, BW, PRWeb, GN, etc…), Social Media Monitoring Tools (Sysomos, Radian6, Hootsuite, Brandwatch, etc..), Media Databases (Mediahub, Cision, Vocus, etc…) to help clients with their day to day activities. These tools range from free to several thousand dollars a year so how do you differentiate yourself enough to show the value that you, your company, your team, your product, etc…bring to the table? Disclaimer: I work for Marketwire/Sysomos, one of the industries leading news wire services, monitoring, and media database tools. With so much competition in the this space, how do I show the value that myself and my company bring to the table?

Below are the top 5 things that I believe you can do to show your value:

1) Customer Service — This does not mean smile pretty and act nice when something happens good or bad. This means you need to come down with what I call a Customer Service Disorder or CSD. When an issue happens, take it personally and know that it is your name and face that your client is putting the blame on regardless of if it was your “fault” or not. This is where I personally take things away from my company and put it on my shoulders, because at the end of the day, it is not my company that is interacting, it is me.

2) Sense of Urgency — Sense of Urgency seems like such a simple aspect of providing value, but it seems that so many sales people/vendors forget what it actually means. When you get a request an email or phone call, respond immediately. I hear about it so often that is dumbfounding to me how a client see’s any value in working with someone who does not respond to their inquires in a timely fashion. Maybe it is the fact that I believe in the Golden Rule, you know; treat people the way you want to be treated or maybe it is just that I hate things sitting on a to do list or my proverbial plate. It is pretty simple, when someone calls you, emails you, texts you, FB’s you, DM’s you, whatever, respond to them in a reasonable manor of time (personally that is immediately!!).

3) Your Bells & Whistles Mean Nothing — This one is super duper important and goes back to looking at your selling technique. By that I mean, are you a Feature or Benefit seller? When I say “Your Bells & Whistles Mean Nothing” I mean it. If you have not determined why those Bells & Whistles are important to your client, then they are not a Benefit and you have showed no value. Work on your Investigating Skills (they are on the list) and find out what your client needs first, dig in because what you think is a Benefit may be nothing but smoke on the water to your client.

4) Investigating Skills — Now hopefully you know that you can never stop investigating a client or prospect. Why you ask? Because the job is not over after determining that you are a good fit today. You must never stop Investigating your clients to find out what they are working on, where they are going, etc… so that you can continue to bring value beyond your initial dealings with the client/prospect. Investigating today is so easy so do not make this the reason you lost business. Take a look at LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Company Site, etc… to find out what is happening and what they are saying. Depending on the tools you have, use a tool like Sysomos MAP to do some preliminary and ongoing research to stay in-front of issues surrounding your clients/prospects so that you can bring the issue to table showing them true value! Here is the extra mile on that last comment; figure out a possible solution to the problem and you are really starting to show why you are valuable to that client/prospect.

5) Customer Service — I brought it back to Customer Service simply because I think one of the biggest reasons a client/prospect will stay with you and see value is because of YOU! Again, there are so many companies out there competing in the same space with very similar products that a lot of the time it can be YOU that pushes the final decision. After all, if my product is as good as anything else out there if not better, but you see that I offer you more feedback, advice, trends, topics, etc… then you will probably stick with me as long as I continue to provide excellent Customer Service.

There are more ways to show value, but these are the things that I think you can really control and will differentiate you from the pack.

Please let me know what things you all feel show Value to your clients and ways you can create Value for your clients.